Bamboo Marketing Takes The Lead at Leadership Conference


Harrisburg, PA - August 26, 2019, As August approached, business leaders nationwide prepared for an annual leadership seminar held at Dallas, Texas' Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Center. The exclusive, annual conference brings together select top-performing men and women from sales and marketing campaigns across the US. It was there that they were provided the opportunity to expand their knowledge on how to maximize their growth as elite business leaders. Upon their return to Harrisburg, they will be granted the opportunity to speak with some of the Bamboo Marketing team members who had the privilege of attending the educational seminar.

Attendees are expected to arrive in Dallas with an intention to learn -- ready to grow. The seminar speakers will be covering a multitude of topics ranging from, the importance of campaign compliance, culture and team identity, as well as brand management. Attendees are given the chance to network with other markets, learn more about new campaigns, and encouraged to participate in individual breakout sessions with industry leaders.