Bamboo Marketing Group Expanding


HARRISBURG, PA -  Since Taylor Letts formed Bamboo Marketing Group in 2018, he had dreams and goals of expanding his company. Mr. Letts knew that Bamboo Marketing Group would set a new standard as it strived to provide all individuals with an opportunity leading toward success while he stressed the importance of not only personal growth but also professional growth. This wisdom was enforced each day by helping his associates meet their goals in order to be successful in the business.

Bamboo Marketing Group has recently made plans to double in size as the company introduces the Mobility/Wireless markets to the business. Dominique Ellis, has joined our company as a business partner to aid in the continued growth of our client base. "We will be growing into every big box retailer in the area to increase the amount of opportunity for potential business partners.", said Mr. Ellis.  Taylor Letts, CEO and president of Bamboo Marketing Group, also mentioned how excited he personally is about the continuous expansion and growth of his business.